Leave No Man Behind

Sixteen years ago there was a movie called Black Hawk Down which was about our US military involvement and conflict in a country called Somalia back in October 1993. Their presence in the country was supposed to be a peacekeeping mission to provide aid to the people of Somalia who had been affected by the genocidal war in their country.

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Overcoming Rejection

As men we have all at one time been impacted by the sting of rejection in our lives. We may have dealt with it when we were young children when we wanted to play with some new friends we did not know. As we tried to introduce ourselves to them we were rejected by them because they felt we were different from them. We may have also experience rejection when we tried to talk to a young lady we had a crush on but only to be rejected by her.

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Effective Men’s Ministry

Historically in our churches in this country women have always attended church more than men. According to one online article titled “Quick facts on the gender gap”, sixty-one percent women attend church more than the thirty-nine of men. Almost twenty-five percent women who are married attend church without their husbands because they do not see the importance going to church with their spouse, They choose to stay home because they choose to watch a sporting event, go fishing with the boys or wash and wax their car.

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A God Centered Marriage

On June 30th a Saturday morning, three hours before I was getting married, I received a phone call from my sister. She called to inform me that our father was very upset about something but he would not go into details on what was bothering him. My father and the rest of my family had drove over six hundred fifty to watch me get married. I hung the phone up and I jump into my car and rush over to the hotel right away. The hotel was only ten minutes away but while I was driving, my mind was wondering what had caused him to have this drastic change of heart.

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Men’s Health


Have you every googled the two words men’s health? You would think the results would come back with topics like the benefits of having regular checkups or how exercise improves your health. However, when you google the two words men’s health the results that come up are the best cures to fix erectile dysfunction or the seven best male enhancements.

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