Elder W Strong III is an Author, Speaker, and Blogger. He helps to empower men to become great husbands, devoted fathers, and faithful sons. He shares the word of the Lord with the discouraged, the hurting, and brokenhearted to encourage them to have a fresh start at life again. He has a passion to see the people of God to return Back2TheAltar of the Lord so that their lives can be transformed, their families restored and marriages healed.

The LORD has commissioned Elder Strong with apostolic work to restore local churches into houses of prayer that would welcome all people into the Father’s House. This apostolic work is founded upon the scripture which is found in Mark 11:17, which Jesus declared, “My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer”.

Elder Strong is originally from Detroit, Michigan and he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior in January 1989. He later rededicated his life to Christ in the spring of 1992 and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. That same year by the direction of the Lord, Elder Strong left his hometown Detroit and moved to Long Island Hempstead, New York where he lived in a shelter at the Christian Victory Center. In the spring of 1993 Elder Strong was led by the Lord to join New Life Christian Center where he has been a member of the church for over twenty-three years.

Under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Apostle Katherine Corbett, Elder Strong has served faithfully as a member to his church New Life Christian Center. In May of 2007, Walter was ordained as an Elder to minister and to preach the gospel by the direction of the Holy Spirit and by Apostle Corbett. He has served as an armor-bearer to the Pastoral staff, taught as a Sunday School Teacher and Prison Ministry in the Nassau County jail. He currently serves as a Prayer Coach on the New Life Christian Center Prayer Conference Call Line.

Elder Strong is a loving husband to his wife Angela whom he has been married to for eighteen years. He is also a devoted father to his daughter Aniya who he affectionately calls Princess. Some of Elder Strong’s personal interests are listening to music, watching movies and learn to play chess.

A Quiet Place with the Father Front CoverA Quiet Place with the Father: Are you a person who has a desire to have a stronger prayer life with the Lord? Have there been times when you felt so overwhelmed that you did not have the strength to pray? Are you a leader in your church and you feel you are no longer effective in ministering to God’s children? Well if that is you my brother or my sister the Lord has provided the help that you need. The Lord is calling you and me to have A Quiet Place with the Father.

In my new book on prayer, I identify the internal and external distractions that keep us from spending quality time in prayer with the Father. I also share how the demands of people, if not properly managed in our lives can cause us to feel overwhelmed and frustrated because our prayers do not appear to be answered. Finally, by us spending time in our Quiet Place with the Father we will be able to learn what assignment that the Father has given us and the courage that we need to go for and do the work of the LORD. For more information on A Quiet Place with Place with the Father, Read More.