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The words of Elder W Strong III have infused faith and envisioned a fuller relationship with the Father in me. The healing prayers which I have witnessed firsthand from him are a declaration of his authentic Christian experience with the Father he loves.

Brother William Whitelaw Christ Church USA

I really appreciate the enormous organizational effort and discipline that Elder Walter Strong III brings out in his writings. Elder Strong also has the ability to raise a person awareness to the things that should be importance in one life.

Dr. Brendell Francis Founder of Daughters of Tamar and Tamar Community Outreach

Now more than ever there is a great need for men to be involved in their homes and their communities. Elder Strong does an excellence job teaching men nationwide that all things are possible through the Lord and that we must trust in Him and not in ourselves. Your desire to minister to men about being real men is very inspirational and necessary. Keep up the great work.

Brother Anthony Smalls Sports Radio Host, Talk 2 Me Sports Radio Network


A Man of Prayer

When you look at the books that are on your shelf, how many of them are on the subject of prayer? When you look at the eBooks you have downloaded on your I Pad or Kindle how many of them are on the topic of prayer? If I come to visit your home will I […]

Times & Seasons

Several decades ago before we became a 24/7 society, television stations ended at a certain time at night. When stations like channel two, four, and seven concluded their programming, the national anthem was played before going off the air. Once the song was finished, our TVs would go blank with the sound of static being […]

The State of Manhood

Throughout the history of our country, the State of the Union speech has been given at the beginning of the year by the President of the United States. This speech has been given in times when the country has experienced great prosperity or in times during our country darkest moments. Some of the things that […]

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Download Your FREE copy of Protecting Your King eBook.


Elder W Strong III is an Author, Speaker, and Blogger. He helps to empower men to become great husbands, devoted fathers, and faithful sons. He shares the word of the Lord with the discouraged, the hurting, and brokenhearted to encourage them to have a fresh start at life again. He has a passion to see the people of God to return Back2TheAltar of the Lord so that their lives can be transformed, their families restored and marriages healed.


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