Welcome to the Elder W Strong III webpage. I am so grateful that the Lord has ordered your steps to visit my page. My relationship with the Father has been a daily journey of faith, learning to obey the Holy Spirit, and trusting Jesus Christ as my Lord. Each of us has greatness on the inside of us and a purpose from God. As you visit each of my pages, it is my prayer that the content available here will add value to your life and unlock God’s potential that is within you.


The Journey of Manhood

When a man or woman seeks to climb the deadliest mountain called Mt. Everest, they never seek to climb it alone. However, that person commits themself to climb the mountain of death with other fellow mountain climbers.  The group of mountain climbers seeks to climb every stage of Mt. Everest successfully. They seek to summit Everest, to make it back down alive and uninjured.

Unfortunately, there is another mountain that men are trying to summit alone and that is the mountain of manhood. I invite you, my brother, to begin the journey of manhood with me today. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and we will climb and summit the mountain of manhood together.


Brother Anthony Smalls

Now more than ever there is a great need for men to be involved in their homes and their communities. Elder Strong does an excellent job teaching men nationwide that all things are possible through the Lord, we must trust in Him and not in ourselves. Your desire to minister to men about being real men is very inspirational and necessary.  Keep up the great work.

Anthony Smalls
Sports Announcer of the Long Island Nets

The words of Elder W Strong III have infused faith and envisioned a fuller relationship with the Father in me. The healing prayers which I have witnessed firsthand from him are a declaration of his authentic Christian experience with the Father he loves. –

William Whitelaw
Minister at Christ Church USA, East Campus